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Commercial Electrical Services

Aatmos Electric can provide whatever is necessary to install, update and maintain your electrical requirements. We have state-of-the–art equipment to analyze your power needs…then we will replace aged wiring or install a completely new system required for your commercial building.


Installations & Services:

• Repair, replace and maintain electric service

• Lighting Systems

• Emergency and Stand-by Back Up Generators

• 100-1600amp services

• 3 Phase Circuits

• LED economic indoor and outdoor lighting

Bar • Restaurant • Bathroom • Café  • Office

Shop • Outdoor Sculpture • Nightclub • Garage

Movie Theatre • Concert Venue • Outdoor Landscape


Industries Served:

• Office, Retail Buildings

• Hotels, Resorts and Multi-use Facilities

• Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities and Parking Lots

• Heath Care, Medical Clinics and Hospitals

• Restaurants, Educational Projects

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